HSK1 exam trainer

OS X 10.9.0
Pass your Chinese language exam HSK1 on your first try. HSK1 exam preparation simulates the real exam with the 2 sections Listen and Read including the following sections 1.Listen - Audio – Image true or false - Audio – Answer question - Audio – Pick image - Audio – 3 Images 2.Read - Fill in the gaps - Evaluate statement - Text – Image true or false - Statement – Assign Image ### Additionally the App include 3 vocabulary trainers: - English – Chinese - Chinese – English - Sound – Chinese ### Furthermore the following documentation is included - Radicals - Zodiacs - Stroke order - Vocabulary ### HSK1 Exam trainer contains 4 different exam simulation modes - Standard exam: 40 random questions in 60 minutes, passing rate 60% according to the official Syllabus - Tough exam: The app monitors your progress and picks only difficult and incorrect questions - Time challenge: The time will be adjusted automatically according to your average response time to prepare you for time pressure in the real test - Custom exam:Adjust all the settings and create your own exam mode ### Keep track of your questions - Favorites: Create a list of questions to remember - Difficulty level: Change the predefined difficulty per question - Exam review: Get a detailed list of your mistakes after every exam ### 3 Reports to monitor your progress - Detailed percentage of correct/wrong for each training category - History of your exams - Performance indicators and recommendations ### Stay motivated - Personal highscores: Try to beat yourself every time - Global highscores: Be the best compared to others to boost your motivation - 16 Badges, stay motivated while learning by trying to get all the badges Friendly support: Get support (depending on your timezone) within 24h