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HTML Egg helps you create beautiful websites. This is the perfect web design tool for hobby designers who love working with intuitive drag and drop editors without needing to code. Featured here is the Classic Edition. Please visit for app video demos and Pro vs. Classic feature comparisons. +++++++++++ "If you don’t know or don’t want to learn HTML, this is the web page creation software you want..." ++++++++++++ KEY FEATURES - Intuitive drag and drop editor Add images, text, hyper links, HTML snippets, beautiful slideshows and amazing lightbox photo galleries - Publish to your own web host provider Upload to your own domain name through the built-in FTP uploader, with support for SFTP, regular FTP and FTPS connection modes - Supports unlimited number of web pages - HD editor interface fully compatible with retina displays - Professionally designed templates Start your creative design from a blank canvas or choose from over 140 beautifully crafted templates (including styles for both business and personal home pages) - Integrate cool web widgets with HTML Snippets Power up your web page by embedding custom HTML snippet to integrate custom code and widgets such as YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook - Create and update your sites on the go Fully compatible with web page documents created using the iOS edition of HTML Egg. Create and edit your websites on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Please note the iOS edition is sold separately on the iOS App Store - Check out our amazing website showcase You are invited to check out video demos as well as a showcase of websites created by users of this App at APP TECHNICAL SPECS - Style texts with beautiful web fonts - More than a hundred gorgeous colors and shades - Multiple layers with free form arrangement - Special CSS effects with shadow, opacity and shape transformations - Snap to grid with adjustable grid size and line colors - Re-size images right within the App - Move objects around the page, easily rearrange at anytime - Fully customizable title and file name - Optimize for search engine listings with meta tags - Supports all image opacity including transparent images - Supports option for generating retina display compatible HD images - HTML generation engine presents neatly formatted source code - Preview page designs in web view using the built in browser - Supports HTML Snippets - Page Import allows pages to be imported for drag and drop editing - Reuse codes developed from other projects - Write and edit HTML code (in snippets) directly within the App - Integrate with social widgets and traffic analytics - Embed streaming videos and web portlets - Exports web designs in PDF document format - Saves design documents in "eggpage" format, fully compatible with HTML Egg for iPhone and iPad - Create beautiful websites in minutes! Available natively for iPhone, iPad and Mac. (iOS Edition sold separately on the iOS App Store) Learn more at