HTML Egg Pro

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 49.99
HTML Egg Pro allows you to design websites and web forms on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. HTML Egg Pro features a unique drag-and-drop editor and can automatically generate code based on your designs. No programming background is required. This app is suited for hobby web designers who simply want to create websites without having to learn advanced programming languages. Features New website level "base template" allows common page elements such as menus, headers, footers to be shared across the entire website Create both web forms and web pages in the same drag-and-drop editor Publish and upload all pages in the website at once Add website "fav icon" Add hover effects Link to shape backgrounds Supports shapes and tables Supports "clear" gallery background drop Brand new website management user interface All work created using HTML Egg Classic is fully compatible with the Pro Edition. You will be able to open and edit web page documents in .eggpage format as well as web form documents in .touchforms format. In addition, Pro Edition also supports direct imports of compatible web pages in .html format and Touch Forms web forms in .php format.