HTML Egg Pro WYSIWYG Designer

OS X 10.10
Design beautiful websites and dynamic web forms right on your Mac, zero coding required! "A straightforward and smooth-running OS X application that provides you with all the necessary tools to design stylish websites." - Softpedia Mac Proudly featured on MacInTouch, MacGeneration and Design on your Mac, iPad and iPhone! Also natively available for iPhone and iPad, you will be able to sync and web design from both your mobile and desktop devices. (iOS Editions sold separately on the App Store) See this app in action! For video and feature demos, please visit Support Site at (created with the HTML Egg Pro app itself!) Featuring a unique drag and drop editor, this is the perfect App for hobby web designers who just wants to have fun creating websites without needing to know complicated programming languages. This Pro Edition contains ALL the core features from HTML Egg Classic, PLUS all these additional advanced features: - Site level manager for managing content attributes that you wish to apply to all pages such as a base template, search engine meta information, site fav icon and web traffic stats - Ability for creating php web forms in addition to html web pages. Web forms allows you to build contact forms for collecting user feedback, data surveys and guestbooks. Web forms support input text fields, paragraph boxes, multiple choice radio buttons, multi-selection checkboxes, mandatory fields and bot checkers. +++++++++++++ Feature Overview - True stand-alone web design software supporting full FTP and SFTP upload features - Create both web forms and web pages in the same drag and drop editor - Website level "base template", allows common page elements such as menus, headers, footers to be shared across the entire website - Allows you to build websites on both desktop and mobile devices. Sync and work on your website from your iPad and iPhone. (iOS Editions sold separately) - Supports beautiful slideshows and galleries - Supports beautiful web fonts and hundreds of colors Learn more about this app and visit sample websites created by our app users at