HTML5 and CSS QuickLook Guide

OS X 10.9
This HTML5 & CSS QuickLook Guide is FREE to all MPV members! In this 20-tutorial introduction course, expert trainers Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson will teach you the basics of building websites... Learning a new language can be very fun and rewarding. With the right tools and the right resources, you set yourself for success right away! This is exactly what Elisabeth Robson and Eric Freeman give you in this HTML5 & CSS QuickLook Guide. Armed with your favorite text editor and a keyboard, watch and learn as our web design experts teach you, step by step, the language of the web. You'll quickly become familiar with its unique terminology and "grammar". You see, web browsers speak fluent HTML & CSS, and so will you after watching this tutorial! HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is to text what CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is to formatting and layout. CSS gives your web site a universal structure and form. Beth and Eric show you how to style your content, add borders to images on your page and then make them stand out and look their best. Table of contents: 1. Welcome to HTML and CSS 100 2. How the Web and HTML Work 3. Setting Up Your Environment 4. Don’t Forget Your Browser 5. Your First HTML 6. HTML Elements 7. Learning More HTML 8. Writing Real HTML 9. A Look at Structure 10. Adding a Little Style 11. Introduction to CSS 12. Going Further With CSS 13. Exploring a New CSS Rule 14. Adding a Border 15. Adding Some Margins 16. Introducing Hypertext 17. Styling a Link 18. Adding Some Images 19. Styling Images 20. This Doesn’t Have to Be Goodbye