Hunter Willie Hunting Wild Safari dinosaurs – Dungeon Monsters Edition Game

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- Skillful hunter Willie is in action! - His mission is not simple. - He has to pass through a long tunneled cave where bloodthirsty monsters are waiting for him. - Here you can't get through without a good shotgun, but Willie knows what he is doing. - Your mission is to destroy monsters on your way, increase your points, and develop your hunting skills. - You have 5 lives, extra ammo, and the exciting atmosphere of the wild Safari in Africa. - Collect the shotgun shells, allowing you to clear the way, and keep moving. - If you're letting the enemy get too close, it will lash out at you and instantly swallowed, opening his huge mouth. gun, shot, Bullet, ammo, attack, dog, treasure, kill, man, survive, jungle, hit, egypt, target, bat, creature, rifle Hunter BoB - Hunting Monsters Cave Adventure & Africa Hunt Shooting Wild Safari dinosaurs Animals Family and Kids Aim Game Xmas & shoot Edition