I Can Read! Everyday Short Stories for Kids

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This delightful collection of beginning level short stories will make reading fun! These 30 stories focus on different aspects of everyday life from the perspective of a kid. Each story has high quality photographs of kids having experiences that relate to the text. Playing with friends, morning routines, riding in a train, and camping are just a few of the topics covered. The app features a “Read to Me” option with words that highlight in sync with a narrator’s voice. Listening to the narration helps to improve upon the child's pronunciation, intonation, and expression of words. A “Read with Someone” option is also provided with no narration so that the child may practice reading on their own to a parent (or sibling), or a parent may read together with the child. This is the second app in Brainster’s short story series. It is preceded by the Letter Tales app, a collection of stories for each letter of the alphabet. Download both apps today and help your beginning level reader find enjoyment in reading!