I Learn Guitar Pro – 对于初学者互动吉他课程

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△ △ △ △ △ I LEARN GUITAR PRO △ △ △ △ △ “I Learn Guitar Pro”是吉他初学者一门新课程。 “I Learn Guitar Pro,您将被引导通过各种练习,这将带你一步一步从0到仪器的基本知识,良好的水平。 对于每个练习中,你将有一个多媒体指南,这将使你的执行时间,并会告诉你哪些字符串和苦恼,按手指,你就可以改变的执行速度,你的进步,在实践。 此外,为每一个运动,它也将是一个视频里的一个吉他手会告诉你怎么玩。每部影片是由两部分组成,第一以正常的速度(让你的耳朵,听起来应该如何行使在较低的速度)和第二,所以你可以练习。 总共有258个教学影片可通过应用程序的“I Learn Guitar Pro”,他们都在Youtube上(但不公开)托管,所以你需要一个互联网连接(可能WIFI)来查看它们。 您将学习节奏部分的2首歌曲的吉他和主音吉他部分,你就会有学习的扫弦节奏吉他和主音吉他音符,MP3节所有的吉他部分的互动部分,有或没有,点击,有各种不同的速度,用双手的部分的视频部分。 你也将学习如何调整你的吉他和你的程序21周,它会告诉你什么运动来执行每个星期有一节。 “I Learn Guitar Pro”中,你将得到: - 44练习左手的手指 - 21和弦,这将让你玩许多著名的歌曲 - 30练习2和弦(熟悉的和弦变化) - 15和弦序列,每组四个和弦 - 7级,这将允许您创建您的第一个独奏旋律 - 分为2种类型的拨弄着一个基本的弹奏和时间(快速到达一个高效的执行) - 15和弦strumming的每种类型的序列 - 2首歌曲的节奏和吉他独奏部分 - 部分告诉你如何调整你的吉他 - A部分的程序21周的研究(一个有组织的工作) - 共258个教学视频(每次锻炼的一个视频!) 还有一个部分访问的应用程序,显示在我们的网站上托管的网页指引,解释和常见的问题,和的形式,将让您向我们发送问题的过程。 IN ENGLISH _____________________ △ △ △ △ △ I LEARN GUITAR PRO △ △ △ △ △ I Learn Guitar Pro is a new course of Guitar for Beginners. With I Learn Guitar Pro you will be guided through various exercises that will take you step by step from 0 up to a good level of basic knowledge of the instrument. For each exercise you will have a multimedia guide that will give you the execution time and will show you exactly which strings and frets to press and with which fingers, you can then change the execution speed as you progress in practicing. Moreover, for each exercise it will also be available a video where a guitarist will show you how to play the notes or the chords. Each video is composed of two parts, a first at a normal speed (to let you ear the how the exercise should sound) and a second at reduced speed so you can practice with it. In total there are 258 instructional videos, the videos are available exclusively via the application "I Learn Guitar Pro" and they are all hosted on Youtube (but not public), so you'll need an internet connection (possibly wifi) to view them. You will also learn how to tune your guitar and you will have a section with a program of 21 weeks that will show you what exercises to perform each week. There is also a section with guidelines, explanations and common questions, and a email button to send us questions about the course.