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Monitor, Diagnose & Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi Connection. You can see the signal strength and the channel it is ON. Features: * Clean & Simple Design * Real-time Statistics * Shows Wifi Signal Strength based on your location/distance from the wireless router * Simply find out your Wifi Signal Strength at different locations like Family Room, Bed Room, Media Room... * Know what channel is being used by your Wifi Router * Graphical view to avoid congested channels that lead to interference on the same frequency bands. * Supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks/bands. * Option to print or save the Wifi analysis report as a pdf. Choose a less traffic lane or a faster route (meaning a less congested channel) to avoid traffic (wireless noise & interference) & get *faster internet speeds*. It's like you have a top speed car but the choice is yours to drive it in traffic or on a super-fast lane.