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iAway utilizes computer vision to detect in smarter ways when you are physically away from your Mac. iAway can start your Screen Saver, activate sleep mode or run Apple Script when you are away and when you return. The App also comes with a location awareness feature, so you can choose to only trigger away actions at, or everywhere but, a certain location (e.g. use a screen saver only at the office). AVOID "SCREEN SAVER ACCIDENTS" DURING MEETINGS While users always have been able to manually set a time limit for when their Macs start a screen saver or sleep based on halted physical interaction, iAway takes things a step further, improving the accuracy by adding motion and optional face detection. This is especially useful in corporate environments where a screen needs to be locked within minutes of inactivity. DETECTS PRESENCE ACCURATELY VIA - Motion Detection - Face Detection - Measurement of physical interaction AWAY ACTIONS - Start Screen Saver - Activate Sleep Mode - Run Apple Script when you are away, *and* when you return - Pause iTunes in addition to all above actions LOCATION BASED ACTIONS Use location awareness to trigger your away action only at specified locations, such as when you are away from your desk at the office, or only when you are away from your Mac while traveling. MULTIFUNCTIONAL DOCK ICON A click on the dock icon can trigger the away action or pause the App when you know you don't need it. REQUIREMENTS - Built in camera We would love to get feedback in order to improve the App even further and to build in additional features: hi@coffeebreakstudios.com. Please visit our support page for more info, including a demo video. Enjoy!