iBackup Viewer

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 0.00
iBackup Viewer manages to extract information from iPhone and iPad backups, including contacts, call history, SMS messages, Web visits, website bookmarks, photos, and iPhone Apps. How does it work? iTunes backs up iPhone and iPad contents into unreadable database and files. This makes it difficult to get necessary information for the backed up files. iBackup Viewer loads and parses the iPhone backups, extracts those useful data, and converts them to a readable format for viewing. iBackup Viewer also supports to extract data of encrypted backups. What can iBackup Viewer do? We offer two versions of iBackup Viewer, free and pro, which offers advanced functions. With both version of iBackup Viewer, you can get most of the important and useful data from iOS backups, including: Add contact people and groups to Apple Address Book Show call history and save to a well formatted text file Show SMS messages conversation, and save to text file Convert SMS messages to a PDF file with the form of the conversation. Show WhatsApp messages in the same way as SMS messages. Generate html files for messages Manage voice memos and recordings Manage notes Manage Web history and URL bookmarks, sync bookmarks to Desktop and Safari Browse photos in thumbnails, export photos to chosen location List iPhone / iPad apps and data Preview apps' data, and export to specified file Copy files from iOS devices to computer, vice versa Transfer files from iOS device to another by copy-and-paste Copy iPod library on iPhone to computer.