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Three versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac. Add keyboard control. You can use the Enter/Return key or a/A key to collect the current trick. iBridgeCards let you play random hands of bridge card game with your iMac, it is not an on-line game, does not need an internet connection. Its bidding system is simple natural system. If declarer is North or South, you play both North and South. If declarer is East or West, you play South. It's a pocket bridge table, you can play bridge game everywhere at anytime. Just for fun. 1)strong 2 clubs 2)5 cards majors 3)weak 2 Next: play next hand, from 1 to 16 and so on. Replay: Replay the hand if you want, ReDeal: Deal a new hand, but the played number does not change. Score: declarer's score. IMPs: declarer's score convert to IMPs. Points: declarer's top card points. NS-IMPs: total IMPs of north and south. EW-IMPs: total IMPs of east and west. Score for example : Declarer: North Vul: none Contract: 3NT Result: MK North and South Top Card Points: 25 Score = 400 IMPs = 9 Points = 25 NS-IMPs = 9 - (25 - 20) = 4