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Budgeting effectively isn’t difficult if you have some help. iCanBudget is here to see you through the process so many individuals and families need, but may be fearful, to do. It won’t only get you started; it’ll continue to help you manage your finances effectively and efficiently as life changes. Start being proactive and take control today! Don't worry about doing a bunch of math - iCanBudget takes care of that for you through various calculators. iCanBudget is more than a record-keeping app. A simple user interface hides a robust program with many features and automated methods designed to help you in all aspects of your personal or small business finances. Optimize the way you make transactions to where you become the creditor to banks and not the other way around. Start a weekly budget, in an easy common sense format, based on what you earn. Use quantitative feedback to see where you are over-budgeting or under-budgeting. Pay your bills on time without worrying if you’ll have enough. In a couple of months you should see your financial situation changing for the better. Features: • Sync through your iCloud account with iCanBudgetMobile (iPad), iCanBudgetBuddy (iPhone), or with your other Macs. • Create your own personal budget items. • Make weekly distributions to your budgeted items. • Enter transactions to keep track of your checking, savings, credit card, and loan accounts. • Track bills and paychecks in your Mac Calendar and receive alerts to your choosing, any number of days prior to the due dates. • Make smart credit card payments – don’t pay any more than your statement balance and don’t pay any less than what you can to stay out of the debt trap. • Make adjustments to your budget based on program provided analyses. • Figure out if you can afford a new loan in your budget using the loan calculator. • No need to hunt down information through button after button – all the information you need is one or two clicks away. • Convenient reconcile and transaction panels float on top of your web browser making it easy to interact with your online accounts when you have limited screen real-estate.