iClock – Menubar Clock

OS X 10.11
iClock Enhances Productivity iClock replaces Apple's old menubar clock app and adds modern time management tools. iClock adds a drop down menu to it's time menu to show any city/timezone in the world. View time & date simultaneously in any format, font or color. Instantly view your Google or Apple calendar and events in the menubar. Stop watch, countdown clock, moon phase, floating clocks, local ip, date difference calculator, application menu, alarms, global scheduler and 'Take 5' which is a break timer. “iClock saves time! Once again I’ve snagged an invaluable tool from Plum Amazing. iClock elegantly offers just the right balance of functionality and features. No digging – no bloat; just a wonderfully simple tool to help manage my clock, my time, my Mac.” - Rand Miller, CEO & Co-creator of Myst and Riven "I like the app iClock. All the features you like and none of the features you don't like" - Andy Ihnatko, Pick of the week, MacBreak Weekly iClock has been one of the most popular apps on the Mac since Mac OS 9 and thru all of Mac OS 10. iClock has been rewritten many times for each new OS Apple has released "I remember thinking 'Why do I want another clock' before I tried iClock. Now I think 'How did I get by without it'." - Christoph-Vogelbusch, The Kept Promise, Software Developer “This is a fantastic program.” – Leo Laporte on MacBreak 261 Download and try it free: https://bit.ly/2rvCZJ6 Features: - Have your Apple or Google calendar instantly available from the menubar - 2 types of calendars (tiny or big calendars) accessible from the menubar to help you see and easily edit your schedule and events - From the menubar tap the Time to see the local time and important info for any cities in the world in a handy customizable menu - 'Take 5' is a break or pomadoro timer to remind office workers to take a few minutes to get up and more around or exercise for health - Have the day, date, and time in different fonts and colors in the menu bar - Global Scheduler: helps you arrange the timing of international meetings to fit everyone's schedule - Set alarms instantly from the menubar for cooking eggs, making meetings, errands or anniversaries - Countdown timer, stopwatch, and floating clocks on your desktop - Floating clocks can be analog or digital. Analog has dozens of clockfaces - Customize the time/date in all the ways the Apple clock cannot - Add an Application menu to the menubar (like in OS 9) to allow seeing all running apps and switching to them - Customize BigCal colors, size, etc. to your liking add your favorite photo and print 1 to 12 month calendar for your wall or friends - All options above can be turned on or off and customized in hundreds of ways to meet your needs. Time in Menubar See the time in any format, color, font, size. Click for much more Time Menu Instantly see the local time in any city or timezone in the world Take 5 Visual & audio reminder to take a break every set period of time Floating Clocks That show time & date for cities you choose on your desktop Global Scheduler * Tool to help arrange a multi-timezone teleconference Internal & External IP See and click on them to copy IP number to the clipboard Countdown Timer Count down to a big event like New Years or an anniversary BigCal Resizable calendar that can float, be embedded in the desktop or be a normal window. It can be customized display a photo and be printed. Date in Menubar See the date in the menubar in any format. Click for calendar TinyCal Click the date in the menubar for this custom calendar works with Google or Apple calendars Alarms Set quick alarms for any date and time. Save alarms for quick reuse Moon Phases Add the moon phases to the menubar Stopwatch A very accurate stopwatch for timing all kinds of events Chimes Hear like Big Ben or other sounds on the 1/4, 1/2 and/or hour (optional) Resource Efficient iClock uses a miniscule amount of system resources