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Holiday Sale for Only $2.99 ****Enhanced for the Macbook Pro with Retina display**** iCollage Pro allows you to easily create collages on your Mac! You can bring together your best pictures of your fondest memories in one stunning image! iCollage Pro allows you to have complete creative control of your collage! After choosing the pictures you want to collage, you have several editing options. You have the ability to choose the size of the picture, landscape or portrait orientation, collage background colors, rotate, scale, zoom, etc! You can also add features to your images such as text, borders, shadows and the all new blend effect. Design options with iCollage Pro are limitless! You can choose to have a main image with pictures around it, all images in a grid or create a random picture pile. You can choose from five distinct collage styles to group your images and also 4 unique frames. iCollage Pro Features: - Customize the size of the collage - 6 ratio aspects to choose from - Add customized text, shadows and borders - Pan and zoom pictures within their frames - Drag, scale or rotate pictures - Arrange pile to allow the pictures you want to be on top - Choose a background picture, color or a transparent background - Choose a landscape or portrait orientation for the collage - Save your collage image in many different formats or as an iCollage file to work on later - Blend effect that allows you to blend pictures together. - 4 unique frames to choose from along side 5 different collage styles. Thank you for your support and feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions. We are already working on an update, please submit any features you would like to see added to iCollage Pro!