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Create all the sizes for Message App Icons with a single click! Drag and drop the original icon in the app, then click, and you got ready to use icons in all sizes you need. Created to make work easier and save time. Creating all the different icon sizes you need for one single app is a time consuming process, and a rather boring one at that. Time to introduce an app that makes this boring work faster, a real time saver! With the Icon generator you can do it all within a single step: Drag and drop the original in the app, click a single button and voila, all your icons are ready to use. How it works: 1) Start the App Store Icon Resizer 2) Drag the original with 1024x1024 reslolution in the app 3) Click Export and locate your icons in the previously defined folder (if it is not documents) - A P-List is generated along with the individual files. - A folder named AppIcon.appiconset is created for you icons Grab your one click icon resize app and free your time for other important tasks!