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************TOP APPLICATION FOR DEVELOPERS, Nª1 APP FOR DOCS MANAGEMENT************ Number one app for developers in many countries See what users say: "I need to regularly copy and paste out of a large reference database that only puts RTF into my clipboard. I need the result to be HTML. I just dropped the whole couple of bucks that this app sells for and within 5 minutes a workflow problem became a workflow dream. Nice app. I’m very glad that it is available on the App store and I hope that the author of this app feels good about offering such a helpful aid to those that can make use of it." "Great app! It does exactly as advertised. The pictures of the app are EXACTLY what you’re getting. Drag and drop. Can’t be more straight forward. A+" Converting your own documents just got easy!! Just drag a document onto the cat!! All you need to choose is the output format for your document and destination path. iConvert Documents does the all the magic for you and saves you time and effort. You can covert your document from txt, rtf, rtfd, html,doc, docx, odt, wordml and webarchive to txt, rtf, rtfd, html,doc, docx, odt, wordml, webarchive and pdf.