ID Font Catalog

OS X 10.6.6
You must own a copy of InDesign (CS5, 5.5, 6, or CC) to use this application. Have you ever wanted a really compact font sample for your collection of fonts? Tired of wading through hundreds of pages of samples generated by programs that can't group all fonts of a family together? ID Font Catalog uses Adobe InDesign® to intelligently create a sample of each font family, but only of the primary font style, and makes a smaller listing of the other styles like text-bold, italic, compressed, etc. ID Font Catalog is THE ONLY font catalog program available that groups fonts in their family. Look at smarter font samples, not more! Features: • Lists the styles of each font family in that style (ie, Font-bold is boldface of that font, Font-italic is the italic style) • Creates a "Single Paragraph" style listing, fitting from 3 to 15 or more fonts on a page, including every style of the font • Creates a "Waterfall" style listing with a paragraph of text, the font styles, and sample font sentence in sizes from 8 to 72pt • 3 custom template styles showing text in blocks or in display • Automatically creates bookmarks and page numbers so when exported to a PDF, specific fonts can be searched even more quickly • Ability to skip non-Roman and Apple "system" fonts and the other most common system fonts • User definable Font Skip List • Import/ Export/ Append a Font Skip List using a simple text file • Option to create page titles & page numbers • Customizable character samples & sample sentences (ie, The quick brown fox, or Cozy lummox, simple ABC & abc, or your own sentence or string of letters) • 240 Pangrams (sentence using all 26 characters of the alphabet) built in • Modify the catalog when done using paragraph styles to alter the entire layout easily IDFC does not load or activate fonts, it only catalogs them. It is not a font manager. Compatible with OSX 10.9 and up.