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iData Kwik is a flexible, easy-to-use database application that lets you organize, manage, and keep track of any kind of information that you need to have available at all times, such as lists, inventories, and rosters, as well as sets of random information of all kinds. Create as many datafiles as you like. Each datafile can have its own structure, and as many records as you need. A record will have a Freeform Text Area, along with any fields you specified when you created the datafile. The Freeform Text Area can contain styled text, linkds, images, and sound files. Filter and search functions make it easy to find and view your data. Synchronize to the free iData Mobile Plus app on the iPhone or iPad. You can perform most of your heavy data entry on the Mac, then synchronize over your WiFi network. Or, synchronize via Dropbox. iData Kwik is very customizable, through both app-level preferences and individual datafile settings. An extensive online User Guide is available from the iData Kwik Help menu.