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iDataSafe: the iOS and Mac platform to securely store your data. **** NEW: TEXT SEARCH FIELD IS NOW AVAILABLE Default groups available: - Bank accounts - Credit cards - E-mail accounts - Insurances - Registration codes - Combinations - Car information - Web logins - Notes Secure, fast and handy, iDataSafe is designed for everyday use. *** MAXIMUM SECURITY all data can be password protected for maximum security. *** ENCRYPTED DATA All your data are encrypted during all data transfers, for maximum security and confidentiality. *** SYNC WITH iOS DEVICES With iDataSafe, you can sync(*) your data with your iPhone and iPad running iDataSafe for iOS(**). *** ENCRYPTED CLOUD BACKUP AND EASY RESTORE Secure data recovery in case of device loss and theft using Dropbox cloud services. Files stored in the cloud are encrypted for maximum data security. You can also switch to the data stored in the cloud among your Mac and your iOS devices. *** EXPORT FUNCTION Create a text file on your Mac with the entire database in CSV text format, compatible with Excel and Numbers. *** COPY FUNCTION Record copy data to the clipboard for easy copy & paste. *** EXPORT FUNCTION THROUGH EMAILEmail of the entire database in cvs format compatible with Excel and Numbers. (*) Synchronization can be established through WiFi or the hotspot feature of the iPhone and iPad. (**) iDataSafe for iPhone and iPad is available on the AppStore.