iDea Invoice Small

OS X 10.7
*****SPECIAL OFFER***** We are deeply convinced that the software itself speaks louder than any words. Please visit our website to try iDea Invoice Small or to mail us any of your remarks. Before putting a review, please consider that we are able to help you with your problems if you turn to us directly as the App Store is not applicable for any response. iDea Invoice Small Features - Multi language; you can edit invoices titles to own language - Currency can be personalized (symbol, code, separator, format) - Handling TAX and support of 2 taxes, primarily for Canadians - 3 invoice templates - Convenient management of clients and items - Managing foreign exchanges with flexible rate intake - The list of foreign exchanges can optionally be extended - Pre-savable notes to headers, footers and uniquely by item rows - Invoices can be duplicated - Invoices can be saved (as draft); in this way, they can be finalised later - Address can be personalized - Number of digits are available and flexible - Calculate backwards from the gross - 32 invoice-number formats - Appearance of invoices can be personalized - Invoices can be personalized according to your facade - High resolution logo emplacement on invoices