iDemon by Metrilogics

OS X 10.13
It is said that there can be no Good without Evil - and we couldn't agree more. That's why we're proud to offer the iDemon app for Mac. Each glimpse into iDemon's 'Daily Curse' and 'Portal Demonica' screens reveals secrets into the World of Darkness - including key dates throughout history involving those who have dared to battle The Adversary, documented tales of demonic possession, quotes from scholars and authors who have studied the true nature of Evil, literary works that deal with countering - or embracing - Satanic forces, and descriptions of The Fallen themselves. As you consult iDemon each day, BE SURE to also check out the app's "Occultae" screen. Each video mod provides you with knowledge on a variety of hidden topics and forbidden secrets, including: • Alchemy: The Elixir of Life • Angels: The Fallen • Grimoires: Codex Gigas • I Ching Trigrams & Their Meanings • Objects of Power: Seal of Solomon • Tarot & Their Meanings • Wicca: Horned God • Wicca: Wealth ...with many more to come!