iDocument Lite

OS X 10.7
iDocument 1.6 Lite is for users who is still running Mac OS 10.6. For users are using Mac OS 10.7+, please download iDocument 2 Lite. Thanks iDocument makes documents managing as easy as creating them. It helps you to organize and manage documents on Mac, it puts every of your documents in apple pie order in its library. With Tag, search, smart folder and flag features, iDocument not only provides full range of the managing function for you to manage documents on Mac, on top of that, it is the first semi-automatic document management program in the Mac world, it can records your operation habit, and batch processing it automatically. One more thing, iDocument comes with a free iDocument iPhone application, which allows you easily read the documents in your iDocument’s library. Key features: * Delicate documents browsing software; * Easy importing&managing workflow; * Easy & speedy Open-Meta tag management; * Quick & powerful search ability. * And please note, iDocument lite only supports importing 300 documents into the library, please get full version to remove this limitation, and to get much more cool features in the full version. Features available in full version: * Auto update and import ability; * Auto & batch processing ability; * Local network documents share ability; * Documents Batch encrypt ability; For more information, at