iDocument Plus

OS X 10.7
Original price $69.95, it's now offered with 30% off at only $49.95, Get your iDocument+ for the price of iDocument 2!! iDocument Plus helps you collect and organise every bits of the data in your Mac, big or small. It automatically detects all new data generated in your Mac, your Cloud services and then keep them in the order you like, you could then easily browsing them or find them back within a simplicity interface. Your favourite web images, movies, musics, movies, newly scanned receipts, emails to archive, important documents, everything will be kept safely in one place. Features: Supported most of the data formats: Documents: .numbers .pages .key .doc .docx .xls .xlsb .xlsx .csv .ppt .pptx .pps .ppsx .pot .potx .pdf .lpdf .odt .ods .odp .odg .odf .rtf .rtfd .txt .csv .tex .md .gdoc .gslides .gsheet Ebooks: .epub .epub2 .epub3 .chm .djvu .mobi .azw .prc Comics: .cbr .cbz .cbt .cba Images: .png .jpg .jpeg .tiff .tif .bmp .psd .pxm Productivity: .eml .omniplan .garffle .opml .oo3 .mmap .zip .rar .7z .markdown .markdn .mdown .mmd Web: .html .webloc .webarchive Video: .mov .mp4 .m4v .avi Audio: .m4a .m4b .m4b .m4p .mp3 .wav .aiff Organise files from a variety of sources: iDocument Plus is capable to index files from every corner from your Mac or your Cloud services, includes: Documents folder, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. In that way, all your data will be presented in a single data for you to organise and use. Find the documents by your preferences: You could find the files by its title, tags, author, its importance level, the size or when you created the file. It simply understands your preferences. Sophisticated data management workflow: Folders, Tags, auto groups, Smart folders, everything you’ll need to organise a file, it’s all included in iDocument+ Colourful New UI themes: Seven different colour themes for you to pick up the most appropriate one to organise all your data inside. Fast file share between wireless networks: You could now easily share files among iDocument+ within the same wireless network, share files by only two clicks. Email/scanner, more productivity support: Invoices, Receipts, work emails, important documents, those files can be directly imported into iDocument+ to organise. 10.9 OS Tags support: The latest system tags is now supported in iDocument+, all tags you added on a file, will now appear in both iDocument and Finder. Multiple libraries switching support: You could now easily switching among multiple libraries, it’s a great way to store data for different usages and purposes. Duplicate files checker: iDocument+ can now check all your duplicate files inside your Mac and let you easily delete the duplicate files.