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***** Fastest downloader on App store, get it for free ***** iDownloader is super fast file downloader with very beautiful and elegant design. It breaks download into multiple segments and download these segments together. This ensures that your internet bandwidth is completely utilised. It always starts download from where it left and keep retrying if connection is lost. So even if you have slow or flaky internet connection, your download will virtually never fail. Key features: - Multipart download to maximize download speed. - Resume, pause, cancel support for supported servers. - Supports http/https. - Supports unlimited downloads. - Filter download using file types. - Drag and drop link support. - Detect copied links from browser. - Eye catching modern UI for pleasant download experience. - Browser extensions for starting download directly from browser. - Authentication support. - Scheduler for scheduling your download at convenient time. All these features and it is free :) If you have any query/suggestions/feature request, please use Help->Contact developer.