iEnterprise CRM

OS X 10.11
iEnterprise CRM and contact manager for macOS is a highly configurable multi-user system designed specifically for the macOS and iPhone that can be used by your entire organization to manage your salesforce and maximize sales. It provides all aspects of a traditional CRM including, accounts, contacts, pipeline, issue tracking, campaigns, workflow, reporting. It is completely integrated with popular small business tools such as Gmail, Outlook and QuickBooks! It also automatically syncs your Mac calendar and emails so you can easily see all your interactions with contacts and customers. With iEnterprise CRM your data is secure and backed up. This is a modern cloud-based application that can be accessed VIA this macOS app, iPhone App or web browser. There is nothing to sync between devices and your data is securely stored on our cloud-based servers and backed up on a regular basis. iEnterprise CRM also provides advanced features such as recurring revenue tracking, quotations as well as subscription tracking to automate almost every aspect of the running of your business. The solution is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations. Unlike traditional CRM products, iEnterprise CRM provides everything you need to run your business without installing third-party plugins. The Mac app is designed to provide an easy, intuitive interface that connects to your iEnterprise CRM installation. The application is completely free of charge up to two users. Just download this app and start using it. Highlights/Features- * Recurring revenue tracking * Quotations as well as subscription tracking * Contacts management * Leads management * Accounts management * No third party plugins installation The Mac application now includes the ability to synchronize entries from the Mac Address Book and Calendar to iEnterprises CRM.