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Create your workout calendar with iKeepActive! Sync to your Mac's calendar which can then sync to your music player, phone or tablet*. iKeepActive is an integrated activity scheduling system which also interactively counts Calories. Not only does it help create your activity schedule but its primary focus is to make sure you do them by displaying reminders and follow-ups. You can also use it to log your diet, analyze your progress and visualize your results. This application is built around simplicity, utilizing five main views for ease of use: Summary, Activities, Diet, Results and History. Information is provided at a high level so you can manage your activity schedule and keep track of your progress easily. The main idea is to be active, not sit at your computer looking at charts. Features: - Body Mass Index calculator - Basal Metabolic Rate calculator - Activity scheduling - Activity information and instructions - Search activities by body part used - Preloaded with dozens of activities available for schedule - Add or edit your own available activities - Define and customize Calories burned formulas for any activity - Import or export user defined activities - System calendar integration - Get activity reminders on your computer and on other supported devices* - Keep a food diary - Filtered progress reporting - Count calories burned and consumed - Log daily portraits to visualize your results - Create a results video from your daily photos - History viewer *To enjoy having your iKeepActive workout calendar while you're mobile, you'll need the following software requirements: - iTunes for synching to your iPod/iPad/iPhone. - Third-party synching software for your non-Apple brand phone, tablet or music player which supports iCal synchronization. *********************************************************** Note: the developer isn't notified whenever a review is written, so if you are unsatisfied, run into any issues, or just have ideas to make the app work better for you, contact the developer directly with your concern (using the Support link, or the Support menu item in the application's Help menu). Providing your feedback directly can be more helpful in getting you what you need out of the application. The developer is always looking for constructive criticism and back-and-forth discussion in order to improve on the product. Of course not every feature suggestion can be met, but there are already features in the application which were made by request from the customers. Another reason to contact the developer directly before reviewing, is that Apple does not allow developers to respond to these reviews, so we can't help ease your frustration, which might have an easy solution. ***********************************************************