iLove Metadata Remover

OS X 10.7
As you know, when you take a photo with a digital camera or your smartphone, you don’t just get a JPEG image. The camera also saves other information in the image file, such as the date and time, camera model, the shutter setting details, and possibly even the name of the program you used to edit them, the location data. All this data is called metadata. However, if you’re sharing your photos online, you may want to get rid of the personal information to protect your privacy. iLove Metadata Remover is useful for all users who publish photos on the Internet and do not want to show confidential information. Using this app, you could remove the important metadata of your image files : Timestamp, Camera Model and Location. You could either add a image folder or just individual photos to the app, and batch remove the specified metadata of your files. It supports most of the popular image formats, JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc.