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*****Image-Converter: Practical Tool to Convert Images to Different Formats***** Want to convert multiple JPG pictures to PNG? This Amacsoft Image Converter is exactly what you need, which can help users convert images from JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF format to each other without any difficulty. In addition, this program is pretty functional. With it, you can combine, resize and revolve photos, add watermarks to them, and so on. If you have such needs, it must be your best choice. * Convert images to various formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF) within clicks; * Add text or pictures as watermarks to your images; * Resize and Rotate photos according to your own requirements. *****Why Choose Image Converter? Sometimes when you upload some personal pictures to social networking websites, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc., you probably don't want them to be taken advantaged by others, then you can add watermarks to them. With this Image Converter software, you are able to add both text and images watermarks to multiple pictures at the same time. In addition, this program also enables you to save output images as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF format as you like. *****Effective Format Conversion of Pictures For some reasons, you may need to convert JPG images to other formats, then this Amacsoft Image Converter program could be a good helper. * It supports to convert photos from JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP format to each other without any limitation. * After importing photos to this software, you are allowed to convert multiple pictures to the same format in a batch. That's quite time-saving and convenient. *****Add Watermarks to Images with Ease As you know, adding watermarks is way of declaring copyrights. Then your photos can not be easily used by others for commercial usages. Now this Amacsoft Image Converter provides you with two options to append watermarks. * It enables you to add text and images as watermarks to your photos. Of course, you can add both of them to images at the meantime. Apart from this, you are able to change the size, transparency and position of your watermarks as needed. * If you want to add the same watermark to dozens of pictures, this software allows you to complete it in a batch. Then you will get all watermarked photos within seconds. *****Resize and Rotate Images as Required * Resize Photos You can change the size of your images by setting the percentage value. By the way, you are able to customize frame size, while the upper limit value of width and height is 9999 pixel. * Rotate Pictures This Image Converter software allows you to freely revolve images at any angle. Or you can enter the angular value (0~360) to the checkbox. In addition, you can also select the pull-down bar to set the direction and angle of rotating your photos. What's more, you can set the background color to your pictures as well. *****Add Masses of Effects In order to get your wanted images, this Amacsoft Photo Converter enables you to add special effects and modify various values according to the needs. * You can preview pictures before outputting them. All images can be displayed on the menu with file name, disk size, original size, status, and so on. * All imported images can be converted at one time, which can highly improve your working efficiency. * No require of any technical skills for both beginners and experts. *****Fast Speed Ultra working speed is highly supported by this image conversion tool for the entire workflow. *****Easy to Use Image Converter Concise interface and quick user guide help users finish conversion smoothly. *****Standalone App Work independently. No require of any other third-party program.