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Image Converter is a very useful tool for image conversion, capable of batch converting the file format of images, supporting formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF . Capable of changing image attributes, such as quality. Capable of adjusting image size on scale or according to custom size. Capable of adding user-defined water mark into images. Capable of preview of source files and effect preview, visible and easy to operate. Image Converter allows you to convert images into Features:- 1.Resizing Image - Resize with width - Resize with height - Resize with percentage and - Resize with free size 2.Add Watermark with - Watermark with user-defined text - Watermark with user-defined color - Watermark with user-defined font - Watermark with user-defined size - Watermark with user-defined position 3.Different Image formats - jpg - png - tiff - bmp 4.Image quality 5.Batch convertion