Image Converter Pro – best image viewer and fast batch image converter

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The Image Converter Pro is a tool that allows you to render single or multiple image files, and save either all of them, or just selected ones to the desired location, file format, and resolution. The product interface is easy and intuitive, it allows you to accomplish your task in a minute: 1. Open one or more image file(s), or just drag these files, or folders with Image files to the Image List. 2. Set the Export Options 3. Select one or more images in the Preview Area by clicking (Shift clicking) on them, 4. Click one of the export buttons on the toolbar. You are done.   Main Features: - Easy and intuitive interface, - Multiple Image files processing, - Image file information display, - Multiple  Export Formats, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG200 among them, - Export images as mac 'ICNS' files - Customizable Preview size. You can use the Image Converter Pro in the BATCH mode too. Drag the images you wish to convert, and drop them to the Mac Image Converter icon in the Dock. The images will be converted to the format and resolution specified in the Mac Image Converter Preferences, and saved to the Export Folder location.