Image Resize Watermark

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Batch to watermark resize crop collage convert images with batch presets. Note: Maybe this app is Not Very Easy to be used, we suggest you to download the Lite version before spending your money out. Features: 1.Watermark You can add more than one text for every image object. Watermark Text type: - User Custom Text - Timestamp from EXIF - Timestamp from file create time - GPStamp from EXIF ( Longitude and Latitude,Such as W 40.12345 N 22.12345 ) - Image File Name (so you can write comments,for example,people location or event name... into a photo file name to add description as a watermark into this photo automatically by running this app) Watermark text attributes can to be set: - Font size : Drag or scale rectangle to adjust automatically - Font name - Color : By user select or set on random mode - Align : Left Centre Right - Opacity - Background color : By user select or set on random mode - Background opacity - Stroke - Fixed or random rotating - Fixed or random scaling - Repeat on rows x columns - Underline - Shadow : color / offset / blur 2. Resize Image - Resize by pixel ( width or height can be locked ) - Resize by percent 3.Collage - Design a collage pattern as a background or a foreground for resizing or cropping an image. 4.Crop - NOTE:Crop is not the major feature for the current version.It works well for cropping an image from origin's centre.Does not crop anywhere on image precisely. - A thumbnail can be printed at the left-bottom corner of output image to show where the image cropped from. 5.Convert image format Convert almost all kinds of image to | JPG | JPEG | PNG | TIF | TIFF | IIQ | BMP | GIF | JP2 | J2K | JPF | JPX | JPM | MJ2| 6.Output file options - Enable to keep Exif File Create Time from original image - Enable to set DPI - Add suffix and prefix for output name - Rotate - All patterns can be saved for using at next conversation How to use: 1.Drag folders or images into app 2.Add or select one or more patterns 3.Drag the output icon (at the left-bottom corner of main window) to a folder you want to save the result in. NOTE: Limit of total pixels for each of output image: MAX : 400M MIN : 1 pixel Limit on width or height of output image is dynamic based on Total Pixels. So,you can set output size max to (40,000 X 10,000), (400,000 X 1000).... The result of scaled image would be cut to fit limit of Total Pixels for using the percent scale mode or lock single edge mode Example: Origin image: 3264 X 2448 Scale size:width 1000%,height 1000% Output image:23095 X 17321 ( NOT 32640 X 24480 ) Input image type: | JPG | JPEG | PNG | TIF | TIFF | DNG | RAW | 3FR | PPM | DCR | ORF | ARW | RAF | NEF | CR2 | RW2 | IIQ | MEF | MRW | PEF | MOS | ERF | BMP | GIF | ICNS | ICO | JP2 | J2K | JPF | JPX | JPM | MJ2| Output image type: | JPG | JPEG | PNG | TIF | TIFF | IIQ | BMP | GIF | JP2 | J2K | JPF | JPX | JPM | MJ2| To get more information or help: