Image Resizer Deluxe

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Image Resizer Deluxe is an easy and powerful tool to quickly resize and rename large numbers of photos to reduce their size, and make them ready to be sent over email or posted on the web. You can also rotate, crop, add watermarks, make colour alterations and adjust the brightness and contrast of all your images at once. The interface is very easy to use and supports the dragging and dropping of images into the program which speeds up conversions of huge batches significantly compared to browsing to each file. It supports a lot of formats including JPEG2000. The batch renaming and resizing utility also saves you work and time by automatically renaming images in sequential order. Features: * Resize, rename, crop and rotate pictures in batches * Rename photo files using sequential numbers * Convert pictures in batch mode: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and JPEG2000 * Add text, watermarks and border effects * Change color depth and apply color effects * Apply any operation to all files in a folder * Preview any operation before you make changes * E-mail converted pictures * Archive converted files * Load and save settings * Drag-and-Drop support Your feedback would greatly help us release new versions and make the application even better! For more applications please visit: