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★★★★★ Top 1 Free photo application! ★★★★★ Designing iMage Tools came with one simple goal: Offer the image editing tools to all starters, to help them editing images without professional skills and enormous investment. So, the application is made with remarkable intuitive interface, and all in one editing functions to process one or thousands pictures with one single action. Features: • 4 different flexible resize options; • Real time image Rotation & Flip; • Numerous Supported Formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, RAW, PSD; • Multiple Rename Options; • Text Watermark; • 64 bits process performance; • Variety Converting Choices; • Suitable for 1 or thousands images; • Capable with Big Images,e.g.: 50mb; • Pretty Simple User interface; • Smart Preset Settings; • Fully Lion Integrated.