Image Viewer for Android Developers

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No more battling with folders. Easy image management for Android Developers. Easily view and edit all your images and all their resolutions. If you're using a Mac to develop for Android - this will make your life easier! Simply select your Res folder, and you'll see in one place what images you have, and what resolutions you have. You can easily drag & drop new images, and click a single button to resize an image, or generate one from other resolutions. Red outlines show you images which are incorrectly sized Light or Dark backgrounds make it easy to see your light or dark coloured images. You can even add brand new images directly from the finder. They will be automatically added to the correct density if you use @2x and @3x suffixes, and the titles will be adjusted to meet the android naming rules. Less common resolutions (TVDPI and XXX) can be enabled in the preferences.