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ImageBuffet is a simple, efficient, and intuitive image viewer and browser. If you've found Preview to be lacking, this is the image viewer for you. ImageBuffet really shines when viewing folders full of images. Simply drag a folder or folders full of images onto ImageBuffet to very quickly browse through them. It can also find all the images in your Pictures folder with a single click. ImageBuffet can easily handle thousands of images at once. You can very easily assign Finder labels to image files, copy them, or move them to the Trash. You can also easily import images into Photos, share them via various social networks, or view them as a slide show. ImageBuffet has extensive keyboard shortcuts, and supports many gestures with a trackpad or Magic Mouse. Features: • Quickly browse thousands of image thumbnails with the image browser view. • View all images in your Photos library. • Zoom any image to actual size, to fit the window, or to any arbitrary size. • Easily share images via email, Messages, AirDrop, and various social networks. • One-click import into Photos. • View a slide show from any number of images. • Quick Look any image. • Extensive keyboard shortcuts • Gesture support with magic mouse or trackpad • Full screen mode • Supports many image formats including PNG, JPEG, GIF (including animated), TIFF, various RAW formats, and others. If can open it, so can ImageBuffet. • Looks fantastic with a Retina display. • Includes online help.