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Image Exif Editor Free is the free version of Image Exif Editor, if you want to get the full version with more powerful, you can download Image Exif Editor from: Full Version has Main functions available: -[FUNTION] Batch copy filename to Title field. -[FUNTION] Batch rename image files. -[FUNTION] Batch search and replace exif information. -[FUNTION] One click to clone image's exif data. -[FUNTION] Export Image's exif data to .cvs or .exv. -[IMPROVMENT] Update the latest image exif core engine. -[IMPROVMENT] Other improvement for user suggestions. Get The BEST and EASIEST Exif Editor for batch Edit your image's Metadata today. The BEST and EASIEST way to VIEW and EDIT image's EXIF metadata. Image Exif Editor Free was designed to present as many details about how a photo was taken in a clear and easy to understand format with powerful EXIF metadata editing capabilities. It's the most powerful tool for handle the exif information in your favourite images. MAIN FEATURES: 1. The Easiest Way To Edit Exif Data you do not need know more detail for change the image's metadata, Image Exif Editor Free give you many visible pre-set value for choice, So you just chose one for edit; It's so easy! 2. Batch Image Exif Data Edit Supported Image Exif Editor Free support Batch images edit, you can apply one image's modify to other, and you can batch modify or clear exif metadata 3. Visible GPS Geolocation And Camera Information Edit you can see the place where your photo taken in a map, and you can easily drag a pin to change a new place for your photo taken. 4. Enhanced GPS Geolocation Edit GPS Geolocation Edit is so common used, so Image Exif Editor Free enhanced GPS geolocation, you can search a palace and drag the pin to change to the destination, also you can input the latitude and longitude value to re-locate your images. Other amazing features you can find when you use this function. 5. Quick Search Allows You To Easily Find And Edit The Image's Exif Metadata you can quckly find the image you want to edit by typing the name to search in a large number of images; 6. Undo Redo Supported For Batch Edit one more thing, you can redo edit when you change your mind to give up your edit, and you can clear all by click the clear all button in the batch operation area. 7. Easy to find edited field by different color and identify the edited image by image state icon. 8. Easy To Use User Interface If you have any questions, contact us anytime: