Imaginary Captions

OS X 10.13
Imaginary Captions is a tool for creating captions and subtitles with support for multiple languages and common industry captioning formats like Web VTT and SRT. Let us know if we don't support an output you need! You can use Imaginary Captions to caption a video from scratch, edit captions you already have that were created somewhere else, or translate your captions into another language. Imaginary Captions provides a fast, keyboard-based workflow that eliminates much of the tedium from the captioning process. It is also capable of reading transcriptions from popular, automated transcription services so you can fix the imperfection inherent in automated transcription. Features of version 1.0: Structure * Organize your captioning efforts into individual projects * Load media information from local files or cloud-based streaming services * Supports H.264 and Quicktime local files * Supports Brightcove, Seeka TV, Vimeo, and any other HLS service for cloud Captioning * Import existing SRT and Web VTT captions * Keyboard-based workflow for rapid captioning * Player captures timecode for you * Ability to manually manipulate timecode when necessary * Presentation of captions in the media panel for quick review of results * Ability to navigate in the video directly to each caption * Exports to SRT and Web VTT formats (more coming soon) * COMING SOON: Automated transcription services Translation * Supports the management captions in multiple languages * Define target languages at a project level * Export captions to translation services and import them back when done * COMING SOON: Automated translation services