iMaster 3rd Grade Math

OS X 10.8
Master is the new way to learn and review school based subject. iMaster 3rd Grade Math covers all of the common skill taught in 3rd grade math, including: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, base-ten, number spelling. Broken into 6 different topics and 1 main test, iMaster helps learn all aspects of 3rd grade math. Questions include traditional math problems as well as word problems and image problems. A topic is "mastered" once it has been passed 3 times. You are considered a master of 3rd grade math once you have completed all quizzes. Great for students working to better understand math. ****** Featured on ******* Features include: - Over 75 questions on areas of 3rd grade math - Custom quiz engine to help you focus on specific topics - Option for timed tests - Visual feedback with correct answers 3rd grade math topics include: - Addition/Subtraction - Fractions - Greater than and less than - Division/Multiplication - Base ten - Number phonics