iMaster NodeJS

OS X 10.8
iMaster is the new way to self teach yourself on various different topics. iMaster Node.js is the easiest way to learn how to program with the powerful and popular Web Framework Node.js. Gain skills in one of the highest paying web programming platforms available. Node.js is one of the largest and newest web application frameworks and is used by many large tech companies. Broken into 5 different topics and 1 main test, iMaster helps learn all aspects of Node.js programming. Brush up on Node.js skills or prepare for your next interview. A topic is "mastered" once it has been passed 3 times. You are considered a master of Node.js once you have completed all quizzes. Great for learning a new technology for your job skills or to learn this new web platform and programming language. Features include: - Over 85 questions on all aspects of Node.js - Custom quiz engine to help you focus on specific topics - Visual feedback with correct answers Node.js topics include: - Terminology - Modules - File Management - Administration - Functions