iMaster Objective C

OS X 10.8
iMaster is the new way to self teach yourself on various different topics. iMaster Objective C is the easiest way to learn how to program with the powerful and popular programming language Objective C which is the primary language used in Xcode Objective C is the language used to develop for both IOS devices as well as for the Mac OS. Broken into 6 different topics and 1 main test, iMaster helps learn all aspects of Objective C programming. A topic is "mastered" once it has been passed 3 times. You are considered a master of Objective C once you have completed all quizzes. Great for learning a new technology for your job skills or to learn this new programming language. Features include: - Over 75 questions on all aspects of Objective C - Custom quiz engine to help you focus on specific topics - Visual feedback with correct answers Objective C topics include: - Terminology - Variables - Methods/Functions - Classes - Structure - Syntax