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Do you have files that are sensitive? Do you have documents that must remain away from prying eyes? Well, you should know that when you normally erase a file on your Mac, the file can sometimes still be retrieved. Avoid this problem by using Incinerator, a secure file eraser. Like a paper file shredder in your home or office, Incinerator renders files unreadable before permanently erasing them; using a special technique, Incinerator can write over every byte of your file before erasing it so anybody who digs through your hard drive for deleted data and finds your file won't be able to open it. Don't simply erase important documents such as bank statements, financial documents, etc. by placing them in the Trash and emptying it - destroy them with Incinerator and get peace of mind! Incinerator integrates with the latest version of OS X, sending you notifications when your files have been erased. The interface is simple and easy to use - open files from the app, open them from the Finder, or drag them onto its icon in the Dock - and your files are a click away from being incinerated. No hassles, no overload of options to configure - just click and go. There is literally no simpler solution. Don't be fooled by other utilities that offer exactly the same functionality. Download Incinerator and end your worries. FEATURES: → Erases files, folders, and applications quickly and in the background → Integrates with the newest version of OS X, sending you notifications when your file has been erased. → Gives you the ability to customize how many times you want the file incinerated, the degree of security of the methods used, and whether to delete the file after incinerating it. → Totally free