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This is a very simple, powerful and easy to use notes application. The application uses iCloud for the data synchronisation between your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch.RICH CONTENTS - Application stores all notes as a rich text and allows text formatting - It allows you to store images with your notes - Images are accessible across your devices - Application supports email, url, phone and address data detectionORGANIZE NOTES - It allows you to create multiple notebooks for your notes  - Sort your notebooks in an alphabetical or in your own custom order - Sort your notes by the modification date or in an alphabetical order - Favourite your notes and access them from the favourites notebook - Use #tags to organise your notesSEARCH NOTES - Application supports full text search - Search results are updated live as you type - Search is integrated with SpotlightPROTECT NOTES - All data is stored locally on your devices and synced to your iCloud account - Your data can be restored at any moment from the iCloud - Application allows you to protect all your notes with a passwordSHARE NOTES - Application allows you to share any of your notes via Messages or Email  - Application allows you to publish any of your notes on Facebook or Twitter SYNCHRONIZE NOTES - Application uses iCloud for the notes synchronisation between any Indigo Notes clients running on your other devices - There are native clients for the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and MacSHARE EXTENSION - Share extension gives you an easy and convenient way to create notes from their content - Share extension supports text, images and linksTODAY WIDGET - Today widget lists your most recent notesCheck our web site for more information and support materials! If you are having issues with the app please send me a message to