InkDraw – Vector Graphics Editor

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InkDraw is a powerful vector graphics editor. It is can be used for creating a wide variety of graphics such as icons, logos. InkDraw uses the W3C open standard SVG as its native format, and you can export the document as a png image. >>> Features <<< Tools: Pencil, Pen, Paint bucket, Calligraphy; Shape: Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Circle, Arc, Star, Polygon, Spiral; Operations: Clone, Duplicate, Affine Transformation(move,scale,rotate), Z-order, Group/Ungroup; Fill & Stroke: Paint with pure Color / Linear Gradient / Radial Gradient; Line styles: Support solid line / dash line; Path Operation: Node edit, Convert object to path; Bool operation: Union, Intersection, Difference, Subtract; Text: Support multiple lines text. You can adjust kerning, word spacing, character spacing and so on. Support apply text to path. Support export document as PNG image.