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Inkist Lite is the best free way to sketch and draw on your Mac. It is full of powerful tools packaged in an interface designed to launch quickly, get out of your way, and let you work. Inkist Lite gives you a free and useful way to try out Inkist by creating images with up to 3 layers. At this time Inkist is purely a bitmap drawing/painting app (no vector tools). Features • Layers, with blend modes, opacity, and opacity locking settings • Color Palette with adjustable brightness and temperature controls • Customizable Brush Parameters: ◦ Size ◦ Size (Under light tablet pressure) ◦ Softness ◦ Pattern (from image or layer) ◦ Flow ◦ Opacity ◦ Opacity (Under light tablet pressure) ◦ Scatter ◦ Size Jitter ◦ Lighten/Darken/Normal Blending ◦ More... • Blending tool • Dodge/Burn blending with customizable strength for highlights, mid tones, and temperature adjustment • Line tool • Selection tools • Hue Saturation Lightness controls • Curves • Flexible interface allows you to pop out the controls you want into floating windows • Export to PSD*, Jpeg, PNG, and Tiff (proprietary ISImage file format is Native) • Import PSD* files *PSD Limitations • Layers are supported, but layer settings (blend modes, transparency settings) are not • Layers above the bottom three layers will be flattened into the top Inkist layer • Inkist may have trouble opening images significantly larger than Inkist's maximum canvas size I wrote Inkist for one simple reason. I love my drawing tablet, but I've found that despite the fantastic power available in existing apps, they are cluttered and annoying to use. Inkist is the result of my work to fix that.