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InkStructure is an application for 2D analysis of structures specially designed for engineering and architecture students. GEOMETRY DRAWING Drawing the elements in your structure is a simple process aided with guide lines that appear only when needed. Nodes are automatically added for you. SMART DIMENSIONS Which make the definition of a structure simple as it can get. Dimension a structural member and see how the rest of the elements adapt to the change in an intelligent way. SECTION CATALOGUE Including European sections (HEA, HEB, IPE, IPN...) ready for you to use. It is possible as well to add custom sections by introducing their properties. EXTERNAL CONSTRAINTS Select the desired nodes and apply external constraints to them. You can remove or edit the constraint at any moment. STRUCTURE LOADING Add loads to structural members. You can choose which loads are drawn, therefore avoiding screen clutter. Remove them as you need. RESULT DIAGRAMS Which display the results in an elegant and simple way. You can edit the scale in which they are drawn. CONFIGURABLE UNITS You can choose your favourite units from both the International and US systems.