Inseries – Spreadsheet-like Smart Calculator

OS X 10.8
The smart, modern, and elegant calculator app for the menu bar * Easy, logical entering of calculations and clear history of previous results * Built-in calendar functions (e.g., number of days between two dates) * Naturally adding and subtracting percentages (e.g., 99+20% taxes or 79-30% discount) Inseries is the slightly different professional calculator app that allows you to naturally enter calculations and clearly browse your previous results. Simply type in "100+20%" to add taxes, or "100-30%" to easily calculate a discount. Inseries even shows you "pi" as a real constant instead of just a number. Inseries' clear user interface is optimized for desktop power users providing a configurable global hotkey for activation and keyboard shortcuts for all important actions. For instance, memory is both stored and retrieved via shortcuts that are logical and easy to remember. Also the function and constant choosers are accessed in this way, though you can of course also simply type them in. Intelligent professional calculator * Menu-bar app supporting quick-activation via global hotkey * Fast access to common, date, and scientific functions and constants * Natural adding and subtracting of percentages * Real random value generator for the built-in rand() function Simple and clear user interface * Easily enter calculations in a spreadsheet-like way * Copy results and paste support for calculation field * Fast switching between all, 4, 2, and no fraction digits * Keyboard shortcuts for storing, recalling and clearing memory Persistent calculation and result history * Built-in database for previous calculations and results * Easily reusing previous calculations and results via clicking * Persistent settings, e.g., for fraction digits mode * Variable-style access to memory ("M") and current result ("R")