Inspire Finance 4: Home Budget

OS X 10.11
Your home budget under control. It is simple with Inspire Finance 4. Regularly add your expenses and schedule your payments. Add limits and complete your currents purchases accordingly. You can now analyse your costs day by day. This will be facilitated by the calendar view. In addition, a whole range of filters, statistics and charts is at your disposal. You can easily view your overdue transactions or these with close payment deadlines. We know that managing your budget is not easy, which is why we prepared specials ranks and achievements, which you can earn. In addition, for regularly added transactions, you will receive gold stars. You can easily change them to new appearance themes. Saving may become likeable. Inspire Finance 4, compared with the previous version, was developed completely from scratch. However, it is still a very user-friendly financial management tool.* The most significant features of the program: ・ current and scheduled transactions ・ transferring resources and balance corrections ・ categories with an option to select from more than 200 icons ・ wallets with an option of setting a starting balance ・ reviewing transactions in simple or extended view ・ transaction search ・ filtering and grouping transactions ・ calendar with a day by day transaction summary ・ controlling overdue transactions and these with a close deadline ・ summaries and graphs ・ temporary or constant budgets ・ export to CSV or PDF ・ achievements and ranks ・ 12 view themes ・ iCloud sync ・ integrated help We welcome you to try Inspire Finance today. The freeware version enables using all functions. However, you will not be able to display more than 10 transactions at the same time. In order to delete the limit, register the PRO version. *In order to transfer data from a previous version, se the converter (menu Tools -> Convert an Inspire Finance 3 database).