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Instastats : System Stats and Memory Cleaner

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Beautiful visualization of system resources and memory cleaner "Instastats makes that task both easy and pleasant....a set of great-looking and colorful visualizations" -Macworld Instastats has been designed to use minimal system resources while reporting current statistics on system resource usage. Instastats quietly resides in the menubar and optionally in the notification center. This app stands on its own among the competition when it comes to beautiful and intuitive visualization of system usage statistics. In addition, starting version 2.7, Instastats regularly attempts to auto-optimize available free memory, so your apps keep running without slowing down. Instastats reports 1. Processor Usage User, System, Total, Core-wise, Uptime, Processes and Threads 2. Memory Usage and Cleaner (Auto-cleans every 5 mins if available free memory is running low) Wired, Active, Inactive, Used and Free 3. Disk Usage Mounted Volumes, Used & Free Space, 64 largest files in the system 4. Network Usage Total, Peak and Current Rate for both Download, Upload. Local and Global IP address 5. Battery Usage Current Capacity, Health, Charging Cycles, Temperature, Charging Status, Time Left on Battery and Charging Time. Support Please send in comments and requests from within the app.