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You have photos. You want to view them. But you always get your photo in a window. It's always some extra steps to view the photo full-screen. And then you want to view the next photo... This should be easier and quicker. So I made InstaView for you. You get your photo full-screen. Instantly. And starting a slideshow is super easy too. Just open a folder and press enter. And there is more, you can do the same thing with videos, or mix photo's and videos. Straight from the memory-card if you want. Feature List: • Full-screen photos and movies • Auto updating hot folder InstaView keeps watching for new photos. You can send photos from your WiFi enabled camera to InstaView and display them as you shoot them. • Start recent folders with a single click from the welcome screen. • Navigate your photos and videos quickly with a thumbnail grid. • Multiple viewing modes. Choose how to use the available screen-space. Zoom to fit, stretch to fill or fill the screen without stretching. • Large pointers. • Custom transition effects. • Automatic playback at startup. You can let InstaView open the last used folder and start playback automatically.